Fall Pin '17


In the great Canadian city of Toronto, the CCIM Institute welcomed 165 new designees on Tuesday, October 17th.  The culmination of many weeks and months of hard work, designees had to take a series of core education courses, complete a resume that detailed professional activities and pass a 6-hour comprehensive exam.  But their efforts are well worth it, as these members join 10,000 elite real estate professionals from around the world.  2017 Institute President Robin Webb, CCIM swore in the members, including Ohio members Grant Chaney, CCIM, Julie Kemp, CCIM and Kate Nguyen, CCIM.  Congrats to all!


Julie Kemp, CCIM w/Mac Biggar, CCIM


Grant Chaney, CCIM w/Leslie Biskner, CCIM


Kate Nguyen, CCIM w/Anthony Maronitis, CCIM