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    Posted 2016-03-03 01:03 PM
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    Hello All, 

    As a matter of assisting and helping our CCIM Partners,  I'm forwarding a message from President, Ms. Sharon Carz, CCIM Chapter of Los Angeles to you all. Please read below, if anyone is interested in attending the event, the contact information for making reservations is located in the body of the message.  

    Thank you / John Kotake, CCIM 


    Dear CCIM Region 2,

    It's already March 2016!

    I wanted to reach out to you personally and invite you to attend and help promote within your own chapters our flagship event in collaboration with RealShare Los Angeles.

    The location event is being held at is the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.

    Carmela Ma, CCIM will be teaching 4 hours of priceless information on International Transactions.

    This event is flying along at warp speed and there is opportunity for CCIM's to attend the education, networking cocktail party AND RealShare for $149. We are going all out to promote CCIM so the attendees will range from international lawyers, RICS, government officials, developers and many other groups beyond brokers. 

    Due to the pricing for this event it will break even and is an opportunity for us all to collaborate and promote CCIM - let's oversell it!

    For your promotion purposes, below are the links for attendance and sponsorship:

    To potential attendees, you may use any one of the following links. Each link has identical information with its own unique flyer, and a phone number for registration: 

    For those interested in sponsoring the event, the following link will describe the 4 levels of sponsorship with the perks corresponding  to each. Here they will be able to select the level they wish to participate in and pay for it at the same time: 

    Please let me or our administrator (, know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you. 

    Cross promotion within your own chapters is the goal and it will be greatly appreciated for the cause. Please forward this information to anyone who I may have left off this email list.

    There are additional discount codes (from the full price of $295 - still a screaming deal), for non CCIM collaborating associations (please contact us for more information).

    I look forward to speaking with you on our first Region 2 call on 3/7/16 and thank you for your efforts to make this a great event.

    Kind regards,


    John Kotake, CCIM
    Noble Venture Properties Inc.
    Newport Beach, CA
    (949) 683-4339