Mission Statement

Oregon/SW Washington CCIM Chapter Mission Statement & Objectives

Create so much value for members of the Oregon/SW Washington CCIM Chapter that it is effectively “mandatory” for commercial real estate professionals to belong to the chapter.  This is accomplished by:
1. Providing commercial real estate education that is second to none;

2. Promoting and training our members in the use of tools such as Site To Do Business that enhance the professional’s ability to compete in the marketplace;

3. Providing monthly marketing sessions and luncheons for the purpose of dealmaking with other real estate professionals; and,

4. Promoting and training our members in the effective use of CCIMNet, which allows access to real estate inventory and greater visibility of the real estate agent’s listings to a worldwide market.

By accomplishing these four goals it is our ultimate purpose to elevate the CCIM designation to the recognized benchmark of excellence within the real estate community.