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*Updated* - Antitrust Law

The CCIM Institute is a not-for-profit organization. It is not organized for the purpose of, and may not play any role in, the competitive decisions of its members, nor in any way restrict competition among members or potential members. To avoid possible liability for you, individually, and for the CCIM Institute under antitrust laws, your terms of use for CCIM Connect and/or in other CCIM Institute activities indicates your agreement to comply with the following rules:

 Do not discuss or engage in conduct to suggest fixing prices, fees, or other terms and conditions that affect price, fees for products or services of CCIM members.

  • Do not share information regarding current or future prices or fees for products or services of CCIM members.
  • Do not discuss discouraging or withholding patronage or services from, or encouraging exclusive dealing with any supplier or purchaser or group of suppliers of purchases of products or services, any actual or potential competitor or group of actual potential competitors or any private or governmental entity.
  • Do not discuss boycotting or refusing to deal with certain competitors, suppliers, customers, or groups of suppliers or customers.
  • Do not discuss bids, tenders, solicitations or other invitations to bid in which CCIM members or others in the profession may be interested.
  • Do not discuss allocating or dividing customers, territories, or markets in which CCIM members sell, may sell or refuse to sell their products and services.
  • Do not discuss costs, inventories, product capacities, profits, profit margins, market studies or surveys, market shares, or other current or future business matters that may affect competition among the participants at the meeting.
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