How do I adjust my email settings for communications from CCIM Connect?

Once logged in, click on My Email Settings from the Home dropdown.

From there, you have full control over which types of emails from which communities you receive. If, for example, you wanted no emails from CCIM Connect, you can set all the radio buttons to No Email and you would no longer receive emails from CCIM Connect.

Daily Digest
will send you a daily email of the community's activity. Real Time will send you emails as posts occur.

CCIM Connect keeps logging me out after I log in.

If you find this issue occurring, please remove any bookmarks you have for CCIM Connect and shut down your browser fully. Once you open your browser again, go to www.ccimconnect.com (bookmark this link if you want). Once here, try to log in and you should find that you no longer have issues logging in.

How can I access my profile information?

You must be logged in to access your profile information. Upon doing so, the upper right hand corner of your page will give you a profile. From here, you can update various properties tied to your account.

Can I update my signature?

Yes. You can update your signature from the profile tab titled "My Account". From there, you have various options for personalizing your account properties, including your signature.

How can I reply to a Discussion Post on CCIM Connect?

You can reply to a post on connect by logging into your account, and hitting the "Reply" button in the top-right corner of the post. Please watch the video below gives a full tutorial!

How to change Community Email Settings on CCIM Connect?


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