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2021 Membership Renewal – Global and Chapter

  • 1.  2021 Membership Renewal – Global and Chapter

    Posted 2020-10-13 04:01 PM

    Chapter Leaders and Administrators:

    This month, CCIM Institute is rolling out its most expansive membership renewal campaign ever.

    Designed with input from CCIM Institute members, the campaign is built to ensure strong member retention in 2021 at both the global and chapter levels. Members who haven't renewed for 2021 will receive weekly emails through December, as well as two mailed invoices. These communications will be supplemented by promotions on (the renewal call to action appears on hundreds of pages), CCIM Institute social media channels, and more.

    For an overview of the global-level incentives and step-by-step renewal instructions, visit For most members, the online checkout process takes around two minutes to complete. Printed invoices that include chapter membership details will be mailed later this month.

    Please note: For this year only, as part of the new online checkout process, renewing global/national members will be required to select a chapter if they opt for chapter membership. This step is highlighted in all renewal instructions.

    Unified Dues Billing Chapters: Please notify your chapter members about the new process. And please add that those who are only chapter members (not global/national CCIM Institute designees, candidates, or academic members) can use the new checkout process to renew just their chapter membership. We recommend that you include a separate value proposition for chapter-only members. Your chapter-only members will also receive a print invoice via mail from CCIM Institute in November.

    UDB Chapter Reports: Unified Dues Billing Chapters also receive monthly reports from CCIM Institute staff with local member renewal status information. These are typically sent to chapter leaders and administrators around the 15th of each month.

    UDB Payment Plan Change: Chapter dues are now included in the Payment Plan option. Only 3 percent of CCIM Institute members select the Payment Plan option, but you may notice some prorated rates on your monthly report. These chapter memberships will be paid in full within six months.

    Chapters that manage their own membership invoicing can include a link to the CCIM Institute renewal landing page above in their renewal messages. The global/national renewal instructions indicate that members of these chapters will receive a separate renewal notice directly from their chapter.

    You can leverage CCIM Institute's chapter marketing resources to build your renewal messages, and the institute will be sharing additional resources soon.

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    Gail Collins

    Deputy CEO

    CCIM Institute

    LaShay Sydnor