Designation Promotion Grant Program

At CCIM Institute’s 2020 Annual Governance Meetings, the Board of Directors reaffirmed its support for investing in designation promotion. The 2021 budget includes funds specifically allocated for CCIM Chapters to maximize designation promotion on a local level.

Guidelines for the 2021 program
To qualify for funding, your project must meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • Promotes the CCIM pin/designation as the global standard for professional achievement to new audiences
  • Promotes CCIM designees as the local market experts to new audiences
  • Promotes chapter member retention and/or acquisition
New audiences include any group or company in your market that seems to be largely unaware of the CCIM designation and CCIMs but could see an outsized benefit from hiring or collaborating with a CCIM.

Retention and acquisition efforts might include virtual events, live events, or new resources.

Applications will be evaluated on a chapter’s need for funding support, as well as the potential positive impact of the proposed project. Requests for both matching funds and grants will be considered. A detailed budget for the project is required.

Applications will be accepted May 1 – Aug. 31, 2021, or unless all funds have been allocated sooner. The workgroup — made up of CCIM volunteers — will review fully completed applications. You can expect a response within 10 business days of receiving an application, pending the workgroup's approval. The current maximum funding amount per chapter is $2,500.

The 2021 Designation Promotion Grant Program is now closed, as all funds have been allocated. For questions, please contact Domonique Joiner at