Chapter Reports

Running Roster Reports

To access reports, refer here and select “Access Reports Portal”. This will take you directly to the login to access your reports. Please use your universal Chapter login (The username should end with @ccim.chapter). It is here where you will find prospect reports along with the report titled, "(Chapter Name) - Licensed Course(s)".  This is the report you will refer to when checking the number of registrations for your licensed courses.

*The report/s can be downloaded instantly and used at your convenience. The data on the reports is up to date at the time of clicking on the report name or refreshing the page. Please note, this report will only include Chapter licensed courses that are on the CCIM website and have students registered in the course. If the course has zero registrations, the course will not pull on the report.

Chapter Reports Portal

The CCIM Chapter Reports Portal offers chapter leaders real-time data for course and membership marketing. The reports are available on demand and always include the most up-to-date information.

To access the chapter reports portal, use the chapter username and password assigned by the Institute


What reports are available through the portal?

  • Chapter Prospects Reports will enable each chapter to compile a marketing list of prospective students in the local area to send promotional messages about upcoming courses hosted by the chapter. These prospect reports are broken down by core courses and prospect/national membership types.
  • Chapter Membership History Reports include all current and lapsed chapter members. These reports can be used for current chapter membership data and lapsed membership acquisition.

Chapter Administrative Connect Communities
The CCIM Chapter Administrative communities house the Unified Dues billing reports for participating chapters. Institute Staff uploads UDB reports into the Connect communities by mid month for dues collected the month prior.

To access the Unified Dues Billing reports via Connect, chapter officers must user their personal login credentials.

Chapter Reports Walk-through Webinar

Recorded June 15, 2021

Watch the 45-minute introductory webinar discussing the revamped chapter reports. Including a  walk through of the chapter resources platform, an overview of all chapter report processes, and Q&A with staff. The new Chapter Prospects Reports enables each chapter to compile a marketing list of prospective students in the local area to send promotional messages about upcoming courses.